Porsche develop a new generation of electric car

Porsche develop a new generation of electric car

2015 Has seen many developments in the supercar industry.One of the biggest announcement that shocked people around the world, was the fact that Porsche are looking to compete directly with Tesla in releasing their very own electric powered supercar.


They certainly took center stage at the motor show in Frankfurt where they chose to reveal the fact that they are going to be building a massive 600Hp electrically powered car for road use in the near future. The new car will depend on a host of clever technologies such as recharging the car battery from the braking system as well as other innovative battery technologies that they have been less than forthcoming with information for.

Porsche’s electric car is set to take the industry by storm

The current car specifications indicate that it will be capable of performing to the level of layer more old-fashioned petrol powered cars such as the famous Porsche 911 Turbo.These cars typically boast a 0 to 60 mph speed of around 3 to 4 seconds, it has been suggested that their new electric car will be able to match this acceleration peace.

The exact specifications of this brand-new type of Porsche gave yet to be released, however it has been suggested that at no expense has been spared in the research and development. The largest weight of these cars which are likely to wait around 210sIs going to be the battery, this is important in order to give the vehicle it impressive 300 miles range,As later and cheap batteries are created no doubt the wake of these cars will decrease and the price will likely decrease along with them.